All Writings Chronologically

The list of all writings about Greg in chronological order, as they have appeared on this website. You can also visit pages listing all stories by category, or (the best) randomly.

No. Title Category
1 The Power of Solitude – Part I Philosophy
2 The Power of Solitude – Part II Philosophy
3 The Power of Solitude – Part III Philosophy
4 Truly Alternative Briefly
5 Universally Spread, Understood and Accepted Message Briefly
6 Templates for Happiness Briefly
7 You Are It! Philosophy
8 Personal Time Machine Briefly
9 Doctocracy Current Affairs
10 Brexit: IN-dependence or independence? Advice from a Pole. Current Affairs
11 Event “Trump”: Lessons 1 and 2 Current Affairs
12 Event “Trump”: Lessons 3 and 4 Current Affairs
13 Event “Trump”: Lesson 5? Current Affairs