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Universally Accepted Message

Universally Spread, Understood and Accepted Message

Reading about yet another corrupted politician made Greg revolted to the bone.

Outrageous! Some selfish criminal squanders taxpayers’ money on his own pleasures! On top of that, the audacious swine dares to deny the undeniable! Hang the monster, then skin him and sprinkle the raw flash with salt! Publically, so even kids can derive satisfaction from the just punishment! Those underprivileged, robbed, hungry, thin, big-eyed, deserving more toddlers!

And why do masses vote for the crook? They elevate him on the pedestal of glory, subsequently fearing the guy, as if he were some sort of deity. Confusing, idiotic situation: the thief robs adoring him crowds!

Not finding much logic in those painted by the fuming mind, grotesque pictures, Greg lighted a cigarette, sipped some coffee, rested troubled head on his hand and stared at the space in front of him. “How many people will read this?” he thought. “How many will establish any opinion on this particular journalistic piece?”

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