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Event “Trump”: Lessons 1 and 2

Event Trump

Was there anything that Greg could learn from recent developments in the USA, namely the election of Mr Trump to be the next president of that mighty land?

Well, a few valuable lessons…

Greg is not an American, which he openly admits, somehow with relief. He cherishes the fact of belonging to the Polish clique – almost uniform, homogeneous, one would say standardized clan of white Catholics speaking an unpronounceable language (considered one of the most difficult languages in the world – our key weapon against intruders, equally effective as walls, alternatively moats, along the borders). As a born non-cosmopolitan, he should refrain from sticking his rural nose into some other nations’ affairs, especially from commenting on voting for this or that sovereign. He cannot resist though, because the country in question is indeed huge, powerful, armed to the teeth, hawkish, uncompromising and omnipresent (in the form of fast-food chains, news channels, drones and marines), affecting therefore the entire globe. Simply speaking, Americans literally beg for attention, so Greg politely fulfils their wishes.

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Brexit: IN-dependence or independence? Advice from a Pole.


After reading the title, you will ask immediately: “Why does some Pole interfere with our matters?! Just mind your business, would you?!”

Excuse me – “your matters”?! Since when did decisions with regard to the future of the United Kingdom become “your matters”?! Are you asleep, confused, perhaps suffering from amnesia? We belong to the same European Union cartel, so not only Poles, but also Magyars, Spaniards, Cypriots and so on (soon Turks, Albanians, maybe Egyptians) have the right to determine – and to put into the formal decree via Brussels – what the best for British citizens is. Obviously, since we form one cheerful European family, any Polish comrade should know by heart what your needs, habits, desires, problems, traditions, dreams, routines and worries are. Kindly stifle your unreasonable gripes and listen attentively, especially when a fellow member provides valuable tips.

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Being a doctor is, apparently, a noble, fulfilling, humanitarian, interesting profession. Many dream of joining the medical fraternity – a selected group of modern angels, superheroes, gods of life and death, who dart silently along hospital corridors in their white coats, like clouds in the sky during windy weather. Swinging stethoscopes around necks, batteries of pens in pockets, name tags pinned to chests plus other tools of trade attached here and there (torches, tourniquets, tape meters, handbooks, smartphones, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks) add to the mystery of those creatures and boost public respect.

Surely, all doctors think about is the next case: diagnosis, optimal prescription, maybe an operation. Undoubtedly, their tense faces signify concern about patients, worry about the initiated therapies’ outcomes, care about sick, injured or the otherwise troubled (labouring mothers; snoring husbands; climacteric wives; victims of nature who cry for more pouty lips etc.). Certainly, constant restlessness of medics affirms sufferers – their saviours rush to assist instantaneously. Right?


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