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Brexit: IN-dependence or independence? Advice from a Pole.


After reading the title, you will ask immediately: “Why does some Pole interfere with our matters?! Just mind your business, would you?!”

Excuse me – “your matters”?! Since when did decisions with regard to the future of the United Kingdom become “your matters”?! Are you asleep, confused, perhaps suffering from amnesia? We belong to the same European Union cartel, so not only Poles, but also Magyars, Spaniards, Cypriots and so on (soon Turks, Albanians, maybe Egyptians) have the right to determine – and to put into the formal decree via Brussels – what the best for British citizens is. Obviously, since we form one cheerful European family, any Polish comrade should know by heart what your needs, habits, desires, problems, traditions, dreams, routines and worries are. Kindly stifle your unreasonable gripes and listen attentively, especially when a fellow member provides valuable tips.

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