Mason Górecki calls, “Builders! Execute and exceed your quotas!”

Mason Górecki calls: Builders! Execute and exceed your quotas!

Mason Górecki calls, “Builders! Execute and exceed your quotas!” (You Are It!)

How did they call it? Marketing? Branding? He remembered posters from the fifties and sixties, when communism was rife in Poland. They portrayed healthy-looking, strong-minded, occasionally even smiling individuals, who were encouraging masses to find higher purpose in life. Models usually held massive tools in their sturdy hands – hammers, drills, wrenches, trowels and so on. Images of masked welders immersed in the sea of sparks had gained particular popularity, by giving impression of boldness spiced with a tinge of mystery. Women were also eager to pose while performing totally unfeminine jobs – carrying bags with potatoes, balancing on scaffoldings, driving tractors (alternatively combines), sometimes operating cranes. Group pictures presented satisfied crowds either waving national flags or marching energetically in random directions.

Those enthusiastic placards carried equally enthusiastic maxims: “You are the future!”, “Whole nation is building the motherland!”, “Forward to better prospects!”, “Peace and Friendship!” Beautiful, deep messages, which were tapping on subconscious human need to progress, share, contribute, help and tolerate. Read moreYou Are It!

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