Simultaneously sad and happy doctor

Simultaneously sad and happy doctor

Sad or happy doctor? (Doctocracy)

Over-regulating – in any industry – is a clear sign of a system collapse. The concerned authorities – in order to gain public belief that “something is being done” about service delivery – introduce more and more measures to control those who are toiling on the frontlines. Such “corrective” or “enhancing” actions inevitably cause more paperwork for the employees, thus diminishing greatly their attentiveness, satisfaction and effectiveness, but increasing exhaustion, disappointment and irritation. Excessive monitoring sucks out the essence of good health care, as the focus is shifted from the sick ones onto meaningless administration. The doctors’ frustration translates into annoyance with innocent patients, since each patient triggers off tonnes of secretarial errands. Consecutively, supervisors look for remedies to modify doctors’ conduct from obnoxious to pleasant – new rules follow, now policing the mischievous medics’ behaviour. “Patient Centred Care” initiative is cooked up – a fantastic tool to robotize manners of disobedient doctors and sisters, who have mysteriously forgotten about their mission (and passion) to concentrate on the wellbeing of patients. Apparently, an overburdened, fatigued and discontented practitioner should smile, show empathy, explicate calmly everything to the treated client, maybe even crack a few jokes. Equally idiotic would be to introduce a “Cure Centred Medicine” or “Speeding Centred Car Races” schemes. The initiative, of course, is propped with a brand-new checklists plus scrutinising teams (nominated guards walking around, inspecting how everybody acts, berating naughty individuals, grimacing in disapproval, reporting out-of-line demeanours). Read moreDoctocracy

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