Mind Control

Mind Control

Mind Control (Event “Trump”: Lessons 1 and 2)

The phenomenon of proselytising (instead of justly notifying) in the news will persist, as the sentiments of broadcasters are driven by the aroma of cash, not by the odour of mobs. Satisfaction of the target audience is irrelevant as they do not pay for the “services” (otherwise pay very little) – some other principals foot the bill to peddle hidden agendas. With that model of revenue generation there are no prospects of obtaining beneficial information, not to mention education, because all intentions, motives, goals, machinations, collusions etc. remain secretive. In other words, main stream media complex is equivalent to a curtain between the projected illusion and concealed reality, or to an assemblage of reverse amplifiers that augment particular noises while hushing valuable signals, constituting the same an army of cooperative, well rewarded agents who keenly guard confidential manoeuvres of the alleged “elites”. Read moreEvent Trump - Lessons 1 and 2

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