King Frog

King Frog

King Frog (Event “Trump”: Lesson 5)

The earth-shaking elections are over. Greg gets worried, because he observes a mystifying modification of politicians’ behaviours – former antagonists start friendly chats, forgiving each other anything ranging from gullible gaffes to grave accusations (which commonly implore criminal investigation). After furious brawls, the performers laze in the armchairs, shake hands, smile affectionately, laugh relaxingly, pat shoulders – a paradise of agreement and synergy. Does lesson number five confirm a famous adage that nothing ever changes? Is the next act of WWE over, so entertainers can proceed to the locker rooms, take showers, count earnings and choreograph the forthcoming game? Is it all about the pleasure of getting to the throne, lounging in the throne, intoxicating oneself by the scent of the throne, glancing with contempt at the subjugated contenders from the height of the throne? Pure power-mania to become a quasi-sovereign, as the job is done by the shadow elites anyway? Disconcerting thoughts… Read moreEvent Trump - Lesson 5

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