Goddess to Admire

Goddess to Admire

Goddess to Admire (Event “Trump”: Lessons 3 and 4)

They were not introducing a human being, but a crucial element to run the accustomed routines – she had morphed into a definition of status quo, a pivotal cog in the systemic machine, a “thing”. She had absolutely no faults, notwithstanding evidence to the contrary (evidence that was relentlessly swamping the internet) – she was perpetually pardoned, dusted, bleached and again glorified in editorial psalms. No shortcomings, embarrassing defects, inadequacies… Not an innocent episode of infidelity during summer holidays, not a singular disgusting habit, not even an ugly mole above the right nipple… Nothing, zero, zilch – just implied purity, perfection, blamelessness. Nobody ever praised her for ordinary character traits – she was not funny, astute, soft, conscientious, slack, serene, nervous, charismatic, boisterous, lovely etc., but fitting, suitable, able or well-matched. In due course she evaporated as a person and became invisible – only the organisational skeleton (the establishment) was left there, elevated up on the pedestal, polished, sparkling, set for congregations to venerate. Read moreEvent Trump - Lessons 3 and 4

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