American Patriotism

American Patriotism

American Patriotism (Event “Trump”: Lessons 3 and 4)

Unified by hearts, they illustrated that patriotism had forever been, and forever would be, the supreme force, obliterating any obstacles dressed by pretentious leaders in counterfeit vows. Greg could enjoy a rehearsal of a well known lesson (number four): don’t ever underestimate the commanding rule of loyalty to the fatherland, as ferocious action sprouts from it, powered by love. Nostalgic garbage? Not at all! It is identity, essential for the citizen’s completeness. If you do not buy it, try to cheer up a parent of an abused child – good luck for that mission. If the cry “USA!” does not boil your blood and does not bring goose bumps to your skin, then do not call yourself “American”, do not dub America “your home”, do not dictate what is the best for the American family, do not just park and demand from your hosts. Read moreEvent Trump - Lessons 3 and 4

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