About Greg Pole

Greg PoleIn a land far away, over hill, over dale, lives a guy of the name Greg Pole.

Many years ago, mysterious forces prompted Greg to leave his motherland – a decision in contradiction to his rather submissive character plus strong nationalistic feelings. Driven by a subconscious craving to break the chains of overwhelming family supervision, he ran away to the end of the world, with great expectations of achieving something independently. Above all, he wanted to reach the levels of autonomy and maturity observable in other people, who were always somehow better, somehow stronger, somehow more adjusted.

Those hopes proved to be what hopes usually were – futile dreams. In spite of spiritual, cultural, political, economic, professional, geographical or even climatic influences, Greg remained the same Greg. Settling in a multiethnic, multilingual and multireligious crowd did not help either, but the opposite happened: multithings multiplied his multi-disunity with the desired norms of conduct.

He then continues to walk through life so incompatible: when he is truthful, he is called “undiplomatic”; when he suggests a different solution, he is criticised for “confusing co-workers”; when he listens attentively, he is blamed for “sternness”; when he laughs, he apparently “belittles the seriousness of issues”; when he points out absurdity, he hears accusations of displaying “ruthless unfairness”; when he simplifies a routine, he is labelled “difficult”. By the end of the day, he just does not know what to do to earn the title of a congruent, orderly, useful and politically correct individual.

It seems to be that he cannot modify his natural makeup in order to throw off the stigma of controversy. He has read self-help books, paid attention, also practiced – all to no avail. He is so sorry! He is equipped with some second-rate set of recessive, Slavic genes, which trigger off all those destructive behaviours! It is not his fault! He is asking for mercy and forgiveness!

He is a prisoner of self…

Greg pole

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