Event “Trump”: Lesson 5?

Event Trump

King FrogThe earth-shaking elections are over. Greg gets worried, because he observes a mystifying modification of politicians’ behaviours – former antagonists start friendly chats, forgiving each other anything ranging from gullible gaffes to grave accusations (which commonly implore criminal investigation). After furious brawls, the performers laze in the armchairs, shake hands, smile affectionately, laugh relaxingly, pat shoulders – a paradise of agreement and synergy. Does lesson number five confirm a famous adage that nothing ever changes? Is the next act of WWE over, so entertainers can proceed to the locker rooms, take showers, count earnings and choreograph the forthcoming game? Is it all about the pleasure of getting to the throne, lounging in the throne, intoxicating oneself by the scent of the throne, glancing with contempt at the subjugated contenders from the height of the throne? Pure power-mania to become a quasi-sovereign, as the job is done by the shadow elites anyway? Disconcerting thoughts…

Greg cannot foresee what Mr Trump will do, but he can foresee what will happen if Mr Trump assumes a complacent attitude, i.e. neglects promises given to the disgruntled citizens. Greg then bravely writes the letter below to a man who aspire to symbolise the anti-establishment stance.

Dear Mr Trump,

My name is Greg Pole. I am one of billions on this planet, therefore deemed inconsequential. However, my self-esteem has been recently boosted by nobody else than you, hence the courage to pass this message into the cyberspace.

First of all, let me express my earnest congratulations on your spectacular victory in the presidential race. It was an amazing achievement, considering the impetus of the opposing pressure, executed by the current establishment, overtly manipulated media and that part of the electorate which had been supporting the Clintonian camp. You tackled a tsunami of orchestrated attacks, fuelled by enormous amounts of money coming from the unsympathetic entities. Your resilience was commendable and inspirational, as to the very last minute you were upholding your standpoint.

I am not a diplomat and would undoubtedly fail any diplomacy test in any corner of the globe. I am an epitome of permanent faux pas, articulating opinions in a fashion christened nowadays as “politically incorrect”, regardless of how profound my knowledge, experience or beliefs are. I feel lonely in the universe drained of “why’s”, “what for’s” and “how come’s”, in the environment filled with pre-programmed views and mechanical answers. Although I would make a poor statesman, unable to comply with obstructive regulations or arrogant despots, I have a talent of prediction.

Please, do not be afraid – it is not a self-proclaimed psychic who is writing you. I do not read from stars, hear voices, spread revelations or involve myself in similar paranormal practices. All I notice is: whenever I foretell the final result of a given strategy, attempt, procedure etc., I am dead right. I guess I have a unique facility of sifting through data and occurrences, automatically extracting useful and simultaneously discarding redundant stuff – what is left from that subconscious processing arranges itself into a picture of an inevitable, commonsense outcome. The segregation of information is fast and hardly analytical, yet the conclusion pragmatic (as it is substantiated by reasoning based on solid arguments, comprising of previously selected valuable facts). Some call it inkling, perhaps sixth sense – those are usual definitions of something instinctive, not entirely rational. I call my faculty “intuitive logic”.

Let me share with you some forecasts emerging in my head.

You have effectively abolished the myth of mass media impartiality, so I know that what the TV and press are not showing is important. Your triumph did not come from thin air, but we (the worldwide masses) were not afforded to follow the developments leading to your success – the events behind the scenes (behind the veil of unilateral coverage). It goes without further debating that big broadcasting corporations will continue unfavourable for the general public reporting, because the mainstream journalism is fictional – stories are developed from material manufactured elsewhere. News outlets, as you have exposed, are networks of propaganda pipelines, dependent on income from sources that are interested in indoctrinating or advertising. They are immune to any reforms, being already hardwired into the system, unable to offer free assessment, so the first polite caution from me is: if the shamed stations or magazines start to depict you in a favourable light, nobody will buy it, as everybody understands by now how they operate. The solution is to divert to alternative media sources, which would autonomously update and comment, refraining from conditional conveying.

After the poll results’ announcement, it became evident who had voted for you – definitely not individuals who applaud the vicious circle of debt generating, galloping immigration, ballooning welfare, centralised education and a few other utopian projects. Your supporters call themselves Americans and they deeply – to the bone – believe in you. They indeed wish to see America great again and they are willing to work for it. They do not expect handouts, free ride or administrative nurture – they insist on having precise goals and toil towards reaching them to revive their country’s prominence, safety, liberty. They strive for clear objectives in order to regain aspirations, because in current circumstances the road ahead looks blurry. They abhor artificial job creation for the sake of propping the existing status quo – they prefer real jobs, resulting in creation of something. They realise that the government complex is overgrown, hence it hires additional employers to correct its ineffectiveness, which results only in ever-expanding bureaucracy, stagnation, demoralisation, wasteful expenditures and more ineffectiveness. They are true loyalists, prepared to sacrifice themselves for their fatherland.

You have tapped onto the most treasured national asset – patriotism – and that calls for supreme responsibility. They heard your concrete promises and they trusted that what you had said would happen. The stability hangs on keeping your word – patriots will not tolerate betrayal. With the utmost respect, as you are for sure aware of everything described above, I then dare to highlight my second caution: if you fulfil the given promises, you risk a degree of paid-for social unrests, easily controllable with the help of authentic Americans; if you do not, the same authentic Americans will plunge the country into the abyss of spontaneous social unrests, which you will never be able to curb.

The patriots are watching, Mr Trump: every step back on any given promise is one step closer towards avoidable disaster. You just need to keep your word, point by point, bit by bit… The era of conciliatory withdrawals from assurances presented to the community is over – you have criticised, condemned and officially pledged to abolish that era yourself, securing thus people’s allegiance with you. You have set up new standards, making millions of disillusioned hearts pounding faster in hope of change. The finest gift of all gifts – the desperate faith in the last chance – is at stake, and it is non-negotiable this time.

With great respect,

Greg Pole

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