Brexit: IN-dependence or independence? Advice from a Pole.


After reading the title, you will ask immediately: “Why does some Pole interfere with our matters?! Just mind your business, would you?!”

Excuse me – “your matters”?! Since when did decisions with regard to the future of the United Kingdom become “your matters”?! Are you asleep, confused, perhaps suffering from amnesia? We belong to the same European Union cartel, so not only Poles, but also Magyars, Spaniards, Cypriots and so on (soon Turks, Albanians, maybe Egyptians) have the right to determine – and to put into the formal decree via Brussels – what the best for British citizens is. Obviously, since we form one cheerful European family, any Polish comrade should know by heart what your needs, habits, desires, problems, traditions, dreams, routines and worries are. Kindly stifle your unreasonable gripes and listen attentively, especially when a fellow member provides valuable tips.

You will soon hold a referendum on the Brexit issue. For me, “Brexit” means “British Exit”, however you have typically complicated matters by running campaigns to “leave” or “remain”, instead of “exit” or “remain”. I will come to that puzzling subject of juggling with phraseology later, but now let us attend to the key topic, i.e. my opinion à propos Brexit/Brleave/Bremain.

I am so tempted to suggest that you stay in our progressive, socialist paradise! “Why?!”, you would scream in astonishment. Well, for I have these reasons:

  1. You formalised a military alliance on the 25th of August 1939 with Poland, remember? Your government pledged all support in its power in any event which threatened Polish independence. Nevertheless, on the 1st of September 1939 (just a week after the agreement was signed), Germans invaded our motherland and you did nothing, apart from condemning Hitler in speeches. How cruel and cynical! Clearly, you act irresponsibly when isolated, building hopes but then breaking promises, thus you must be supervised, guided, occasionally slapped on the hand.
  2. Incredibly, after the Second World War had ended, you gave up on us again in February 1945, during the Yalta Conference! Poland was basically condemned to existence in the communist bloc under Soviet control, as neither Churchill nor Roosevelt were keen on challenging Stalin – instead they liked better to conduct a deal with the devil. It had taken us almost fifty years before we shook off the oppressive regime’s shackles. Half a century of: indoctrination, dictatorship, censorship, political correctness, denunciations, obligatory parades to exhibit false delight, fictitious elections (“choosing” predetermined leaders of one ruling party), obtrusive regulations, unaffordable housing, bigoted education and excessive drinking to kill the pain. During that time you were enjoying the safety of England, which had been defended against Nazis with the help of the brave Polish men, battling alongside British soldiers. Because of your then leaders’ diplomatic attitude, comparable with betrayal, I wish you to face what we had had to endure – identical life in an idiotic collectivism, monitored this time not from Moscow, but from the Belgian bunkers.
  3. You had colonised half of the globe, depriving millions of autonomy, exploiting foreign natural resources, introducing the perplexing left-hand side traffic wherever you could and establishing your laws over ingenious people. Now it is everybody’s turn to colonise you – as a vengeance; to teach you a lesson; to quench the general thirst for your wealth; for pure fun. The passage through the British borders should be unfettered, guaranteed by a higher instance, for example by a random president (there are stacks of them in Brussels).
  4. When we finally wrestled sovereignty from the USSR, Poland was in dire straits: poor, gray, miserable. We craved western goods, western lifestyle, western currency, western everything. Consequently, after deserting the previous socialist union, we joined another one – a prestigious league called European Union. The merger was apparently necessary to acquire what we wanted, as we were informed that Poles could not do anything alone. Our whole nation applauded the idea of the visa-free travel, permit-free work and citizenship-free residence (with social grants appended) anywhere on the old continent! And across the Channel, too! Yay, how convenient! Therefore do not dare to ditch us – we need all your Pounds, facilities, jobs, allowances and so forth. Why should we toil on our territory, when you have a lovely setup effortlessly available? What about almost a million of my compatriots, who currently enjoy English hospitality? Also, you are compelled to follow a fresh trend of willkommenskultur, recommended by your bosses. Please keep it alive, so we can continue to pursue happiness you afford us. Let me speak for the international masses:
  5. “We shall go on to the end. We shall invade the rest of London, we shall invade on the ferries and through the Channel Tunnel, we shall invade with growing confidence and growing strength by air, we shall invade that island, whatever the cost to them may be. We shall invade the beaches, we shall invade the airports, we shall invade the fields and the streets, we shall invade the hills; we shall never surrender!”

I shall finish my rant here and put away views biased by the bygone bitterness or existing material wishes. After all, there was probably no state, tribe or ancient civilisation on this Earth who had not raided others (some are busy raiding presently). You were not the only devils who belonged to the colonialists’ club either. Diplomatic outmanoeuvring, whereas dirty, is widespread too and not exclusively yours. For my own integrity I shall be forgiving and open-minded. I shall place myself in your shoes and advise empathetically, basing my counsel on the universally accessible knowledge, mutual experience, common sense, concern about the future of all. It is not my intention to patronise – trust your scrutinising abilities, but find a minute for a directly uninvolved person’s deliberation, as observation of any crisis from the side improves objectivity.

Brexit - OUT!I advise you to exit (pardon me, to leave) the syndicate labelled “European Union”. The exit/leave conundrum will be explained soon. Exit as soon as you can, while you still can, before it is too late, too bad, too despotic…

Here is why you should run away:

  1. The main stream media and most diplomats are coercing you to remain within the EU. It is quite standard that those in charge, or those who serve them, adore status quo (positions, salaries, authority, mechanical schedules – namely, safety of the known). It goes without saying that they will fervently endorse whatever currently props up the status quo, as any change threatens comfortable, often very affluent, lives of those few entrenched within the networks of local and intercontinental cronies. Let me reiterate: their lives, not yours; networks of cronies within the EU, not exclusively within the UK. Political conditions undoubtedly foster prejudice, so in effect the biggest news outlets try to sway public opinion towards the “remain” stance, which should make you indeed suspicious and interested in what others have to say.
  2. If you extended your search beyond the major broadcasters, you would discover that the independent voices cry for your exit. As the smaller news agencies, bloggers, commentators and private individuals do not possess satellites, PR departments or access to the central British telecommunication complex, they cannot efficiently convey the information and evidence supporting the only reasonable step you can take – to leave. Why would sizeable bunches of strangers, including me, try to convince you to break away from the European conglomerate? Because your dilemma reflects the cardinal problem of our age, which affects the whole world – the escalating accumulation of power and wealth in the privileged hands, who create super-systems to control numerous countries at once. To put it simple: in your vote to separate the UK from the self-proclaimed monarchs, rests the hope of many to gain the courage and to achieve the same thing: sovereignty.
  3. You are bombarded with propaganda, which backs the “stay-in the EU” model not by exalting it, but by disseminating visions of ghastly prospects if you opt out. Instead of hearing some concrete examples of economic or societal advancement when remaining, you are told the following: the global financial system will crumble; the Pound will dive into the abyss; EU will struggle; NHS will evaporate; English scientific scene will receive severe blows; travelling, retiring or working abroad will be dreadfully tricky, if not impossible, for Brits. How vague – frequently inconsistent with reality – threats!
  4. Firstly, the rhetoric above echoes my tirade in the opening of this publication: it is not about you, but indeed other people, institutions, expectations, grievances etc. Secondly, if you are about to push the international banking sector to the edge of the cliff, can you imagine how potent de facto you are?! It is not that you will suffer, but certain arrangements, cooked up for you by remote Eurocrats, will most likely collapse, i.e. you will renegotiate them on your terms. Thirdly, the Pound will be stronger than ever, after the initial tweaking its value in the foreign exchange casinos. Fourthly, your scientific plus academic triumphs are renowned worldwide, and they had been accomplished far before the EU was formed. Fifthly, you will conclude whom to keep and who must go, adjusting immigration according to your requirements, retaining skills and discarding opportunists, evolving into still richer region. Finally, not a state will be so reckless to bar citizens of a prosperous nation from trade, holiday, temporary or permanent residence etc. and you will easily bargain visa-free passes.

  5. It is striking that the “remain” devotees do not present you with too much of statistics, which indisputably plays into the hands of the “exit” advisers. Numerical data can backlash when used recklessly. A man once said: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Sir Winston Churchill added: “I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself.” Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, summarised: “When it becomes serious, you have to lie.” As an exercise, when analysing the figure of EU donations to UK, ask yourself several questions to understand the end result of the supposed generosity: was the money spent on what we needed and requested?; how much of that sum was consumed on administration around the sponsored projects and the rejected projects?; how much was paid to foreign companies working on the accepted projects?; how high are UK contributions to EU?; how does the EU benevolence translate into my quality of life – is it better now than twenty years ago?
  6. Lastly, pay attention to statistics and news from other corners of Europe. Do you know that the life expectancy in Greece is falling? Are you aware that Switzerland – a few days ago – withdrew its application to become an EU member? Hypocrisy is so ripe, that you are notified about the record high unemployment of youths, but simultaneously educated to accept more young immigrants to prevent economic cataclysm. Because everybody sees through the latter irrationality, Mr Wolfgang Schäuble (Germany’s Federal Minister of Finance, recently also a prominent geneticist) rushes to enlighten the masses that enthusiastic reception of refugees prevents inbreeding, like the term “inbreeding” referred to a continent with over seven hundred million inhabitants, and like it were not up to the nature and people’s appetite to decide either on the couple’s joy, or on improvements to the chromosomal pool. Some will urge you to remain to show tolerance, but from when making order in one’s own house displays intolerance? Dig up the accurate particulars, do not get peer-pressured by the recent Brexit poll findings, be honest with yourself and arrive to the proper conclusion: exit that madness!

  7. The Brussels headquarters, sheltering tens of thousands of bureaucrats, are morphing gradually into a government with concentrated power. One aspect is brand new to this unmistakably socialist regime: it is international, so at first glance it seems safe. Its all other features resemble previous autocracies of the kind: it is unelected, accountable to nobody, authoritarian. It asserts necessity of its existence by issuing more and more directives and recruiting more and more cadres, growing exponentially. It annihilates competition and small businesses by over-regulating markets: prices, money supply, product specifications and so on. To attain even more control – ignoring anybody’s wishes or capacities – it insists that “everybody must do the same thing”, replacing thus diversity (of approaches, merchandise, attitudes etc.) with uniformity, which subsequently causes dullness, unhappiness, disillusionment, deteriorating commitment, malicious disobedience. Ultimately, its obsession to concentrate on monitoring makes it so detached from reality, that it is unable to manage even basic services, which triggers off protests, police interventions, chaos. It never stops until it dies, but puts up ferocious fight before its demise. To the last breath, regardless of how rotten the situation is, it pretends that nothing serious is going on, lying pathologically to protect its income and influence. It will mislead, bribe, push, eliminate any obstruction that ruins its domination, as domination is its only goal.
  8. Brexit - out with Eurocrats!Do you think I am on high, spreading catastrophic prophecies derived from my last night hallucinations? No, I have just endured Soviet philosophy of a perfect society – you are not there yet, but bravely march in the right direction. You can check for curiosity and remain affixed to the beast – after ten to twenty years your despair will be removable only by war. Otherwise you can trust historical evidence and alter the course of inevitable events – so vote to exit.

    In simple terms, smaller and well-acquainted groups perform better than the overgrown herds. The 1996 Mount Everest tragedy, when eight people perished, proves the point: there were so many climbers in two expeditions attempting to reach the zenith that – hypothetically – it should have been easier for everyone to get to the top (duties were split between more people, so less work was allocated to each one). Those assumptions backfired and series of calamities followed: one member did not fix the ropes upfront (the expected job had not been performed), which halted the journey for two hours; less able climbers blocked more proficient ones, slowing the ascent further; the descent was delayed into the night, when snow storm came; the experienced ones were trying to save others, dying in the process. It was unfeasible to coordinate and supervise a crowd, representing a mixture of commitment, strength and skill.

    We can learn from each other, discuss ideas, make trade deals etc., without merging into a dysfunctional colossus under centralised reign. Instead of developing unique solutions, constructively competing and gaining pride, we will only impede each other’s progress.

  9. “Brexit” sounds sexy, implying freedom, sovereignty, self-assurance, fortitude, individuality. “Bremain” sounds awful, suggesting indecisiveness, procrastination, idling, timidity, dependence. “Brexit” reverberates so many positive attributes, that the meaning of the abbreviation was assigned not to the citizen’s choice (“British exit”), but to the name of the entire referendum (“possibility that Britain will exit”). In effect, you will be voting not to “exit”, but to “leave”, like you were departing a paradise, or deserting a person who loves you very much. Do not be misled: you are resolving whether to abandon the sinking ship (you have too much of proof of its certainly sinking status. You are deciding whether to stay in (keep the IN-dependent status) or opt out (become independent by exiting).

You have an opportunity to demonstrate your integrity to the international community. Be the leaders in setting an example for others, who have endured enough of supremacy of the unelected few.

In closing:

  • Vote not to satisfy entities, who are pushing manipulated statistics down your throat.
  • Vote not to please speculators, playing with shares on stock markets (to “show” you the scary figures, before you even place the ballot into the box).
  • Vote not to empower remote institutions, aspiring to spoon-feed you
  • Vote for yourself: cosy smallholding or collective farm?

The world is waiting…

Brexit - leave!


  • I think a common currency makes sense (EU) and easy right to work (EU again).

    After those two, I also think the EU is a sinking ship governed by the few. I was going to spend a year or more of my retirement in the EU but realistically I can’t because of the Schengen Zone restrictions.

    So I looked elsewhere, Central America where I spent almost a year in Panama and am considering another year somewhere comparable.

    The U.S. is a mess about foreign visitors as well, as we know.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your insight.

      It is interesting that the smaller independent states are becoming somehow more attractive, definitely safer. We (people) try to integrate too quickly, ignoring individual backgrounds (upbringing, traditions, culture, history). A decision to move to another country is a serious one and cannot be taken lightly – after all, the emigrant decides to reside on a foreign ground and should (that would be decent) respect his new host’s rules. I know something about it – moved from Poland to South Africa 27 years back. As we know, today’s migration is rampant and threatening the very existence of the hosts.

      EU was, in theory, a good idea, but has grown into an agglomeration of states with monopolistic government, which is killing the beauty of the old continent, i.e. it’s diversity embeded into each country. It also undermines the economy’s health. At the very moment, paradoxically, free movement across borders is killing Europe.

      I am going back to Poland, as I simply miss my country very much. So far, Poles try to be conservative (careful) with embracing all EU government rules, which doesn’t seem to be a bad idea.

      South Africa is heading towards a major political crisis, probably unrest. I do not believe that this country will extricate itself from the fate, which has been met on numerous ocassions by people in other parts of Africa.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know others that agree that the EU is ruining Europe and now live outside the EU. I think our near neighbors, Canada, Mexico and parts of Central America successfully adapt, not adopt, U.S. culture and they are foreign and familiar at the same time. Our home countries will always be our first love, I think. Since you are returning home, I hope you can do so before S. Africa descends into total chaos.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It iz really unfortunate what is happening in South Africa. I started my preparations 6 months ago, a few weeks to go, so I am fine. I think that the major chaos will start here shortly after December 2017, gradually escalating into a major chaos into 2018 and 2019. The fact that South Africa is well industralized will not help – only 4 million out of 55 milllion pays taxes here; 1 in 3 is unemployed (this number is growing); level of education is in a free fall; crime statistics remind those of a country engulfed in a civil war. I need to have my nest somewhere safe, as living behind electric fences is not what I really envision as fine existence – I basically imprison myself.

        I wish the best for the US. I have never been there, but know from others and from my various contacts with Americans, that most of Americans are fantastic, hard working, friendly people. The same goes for Europeans. It is insane to let those heritages go – just go… I firmly believe that the situation will eventually improve, after much of work and (perhaps) fight.

        I think that my experiences in South Africa might be helpful – maybe I will start selling electric fences in Germany. It is not a distastful, baseless joke, as my friend lives in Germany and he is growing worried.

        Liked by 1 person

      • The U.S. is good although we have some problems, no matter what the president says. Congress will not let him do anything rash.

        Liked by 1 person

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