Universally Accepted Message

Universally Spread, Understood and Accepted Message

Reading about yet another corrupted politician made Greg revolted to the bone.

Outrageous! Some selfish criminal squanders taxpayers’ money on his own pleasures! On top of that, the audacious swine dares to deny the undeniable! Hang the monster, then skin him and sprinkle the raw flash with salt! Publically, so even kids can derive satisfaction from the just punishment! Those underprivileged, robbed, hungry, thin, big-eyed, deserving more toddlers!

And why do masses vote for the crook? They elevate him on the pedestal of glory, subsequently fearing the guy, as if he were some sort of deity. Confusing, idiotic situation: the thief robs adoring him crowds!

Not finding much logic in those painted by the fuming mind, grotesque pictures, Greg lighted a cigarette, sipped some coffee, rested troubled head on his hand and stared at the space in front of him. “How many people will read this?” he thought. “How many will establish any opinion on this particular journalistic piece?”

Taking into account the newspaper circulation and coverage, maximum two hundred thousand pairs of eyes skims through its contents daily. Just a percentage of patrons study the article in question in full, and merely a fraction of those share their frustrations with others. If it were a main stream editorial, other papers, radio plus TV would help spreading the report, but…

But there is a big “BUT”, because millions, who should actually receive the apparently important message, will never notice it. Even if the text, audio or visual transmission squeezed its way to the sensory receptors of the most desired audience (electorate), it would cause a myriad of reactions, depending on the education level, class affiliation, comprehension of vocabulary, family influence, political sentiments, age, interests, race etc. Individual bias or poor familiarity with the topic prompts scores to skip the report altogether. On the other hand, hard working citizens do not have time to analyze the information at all, or they consider it by default as an outward lie.

Instead of uniting, the sensational story affirms the already settled, artificial social boundaries. It is ineffective, as we are unable to uniformly understand and act upon the broadcast.

Tapping a concrete wall for eight hours non-stop makes zero sense – every person on the planet grasps that statement. Why would anybody waste energy on doing so?! Unproductive, ridiculous pastime, suggesting brain damage of the poor wall-banger! If we could only approach cheating with the same dose of disbelief, i.e. treating it as a symptom of psychiatric deviation, we would have no stealing, greediness or abusing others.

To achieve such shift one needs to change the current consumption paradigm, because no written or spoken word will ever modify hard-rooted convictions. To amend that paradigm we need a new, revolutionary discovery, swiftly transforming our way of thinking.

When the myth about flat Earth was abolished, all data on scary creatures, presumably existing behind the horizon line, were thrown into the basket of fairy tales. A comparable in caliber finding will connect esoteric with material, generating a fresh model for the life’s meaning, in which giving away is not only profitable, but also healthy and super sexy.

Universally Spread, Understood and Accepted MessageIt is not a genetic predisposition that makes us stuck in an absurd chase after tangible pleasures, but lack of precise knowledge. That is why the trendiest paperbacks (like Bible or Quran) base their popularity on human drive to explain unexplainable somehow, and divine being is at present a conventional, almost rational solution – it compensates for the absence of hard facts, disciplining followers by religious blackmail.

Greg once dreamt of amalgamating a manuscript with wisdom that could be universally spread, understood and accepted – kind of a book reversing all evil instantaneously. He knows now that no amount of philosophy, goodwill, faith, swearing or sacrifices will ever do the job. As usual, we need science – a simple “Wow!” moment – to revise legends and bad behaviors worldwide.

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