Truly Alternative

Truly alternative

Greg came, all of a sudden, to the following conclusion: the more opinions on something he reads, the more influenced by those opinions he becomes, to the extent of forgetting the simplest capabilities that his brain possesses.

So what happened?

Greg got sucked into gold- and silver-worshipping masses of radicals, bought many ounces of precious metals and hid them in a super safe place – a plastic two litre container (initially ice cream packaging). The synthetic treasure chest was buried under a heap of clothes in the closet, so nobody could ever find it. Rubbing hands in excitement, Greg commenced living in conviction of becoming a prosperous plus influential individual pretty soon.

Until a day of an uncomfortable reflection: he had been calculating his future wealth in either cash or material possessions, being thus no more sophisticated than the compulsively spending mob. The only distinguishable difference between him and presumably brainless consumers was planning to blow the accumulated funds later on more goods, as his stash with time was supposed to acquire stratospheric purchasing power. Ergo, he had showed zero constructive thinking as such, which bothered him.

Firstly, he decided to perform some basic maths alone, isolated from common judgements and frenzied graphs.

As he sits today and honestly compares historical prices, exchange rates plus earnings twenty five years ago (when he started to work) with the current ones, the conclusions are:

  1. Piling up gold over that period would bring loses (it would be more profitable storing banknotes rather).
  2. He can save for a house or a luxury car much faster nowadays than a quarter of a century ago. Not to mention, the overall quality of contemporary flats and vehicles is definitely higher.

In his case, in the country where he resides, the situation looks exactly like above.

Secondly, Greg figured out that as a doctor he should have never worried about the potential doomsday. After all, his skills will always be useful, so instead of stocking shiny coins now, he can demand them from other hoarders after the financial collapse takes place.

It is disturbing that groups criticising globalisation, fiat money or imperialism, use United States dollars as a platform for argumentations or contrast analyses. By utilising so hated hard currency as a valuation tool, the rebellious crowd paradoxically strengthens public belief in the very system which they so condemn. They reinforce the greed paradigm, suggesting nothing fresh to drive people apart from methods to accrue more green bucks through allegedly wiser investments (for example in gold), i.e. by tempting to carry on amassing. That tactic will not attract humanity to cherish talents, creativeness, curiosity, healthy living etc.

Truly AlternativeThe so-called “alternatives” often propose pretty orthodox solutions, which prove unfeasible (as basic scrutiny reveals). Although Greg sympathises with anybody who challenges injustice or vanity in the present order of the world, he can also see that a really clever approach to modify those damaging trends is yet to be designed.

Greg subsequently sold his gold stash and bought some LEGO sets.

One of the models is twenty time more expensive now than three years ago.

But Greg is not going to sell it, because he likes it.

Well, he is truly alternative.

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